Aboard Astraea

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When’s the last time you checked your keel bolts?


A keel bolt

Forward keel bolt. Rusty, but coated with CorrosionX to preven further corrosion.

Airborne is from 1973 so some things are in less than stellar condition. One example are the keel bolts. They’re steel and show their age through a layer of corrosion. To keep the problem from getting any worse I keep the bilge dry and apply a liberal amount of CorrosionX when I visit the boat.

I found out about CorrosionX from doing maintenance on my Phalanx Close in Weapon System. It’s used on the ship to keep metal components on the weapon system from seizing. Using a small brush I apply it to the keel bolts. There has been no change in the level of corrosion since I got the boat in 2009.

Check your keel bolts often, keep them dry and free from corrosion or stop any more from forming before it’s too late.  It’s either that or lose your keel.


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