Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

Log Dodge Race


Boats lining up for the start of the race

Fridays during the summer Milltown Sailing Association hosts a fun, relaxed race around the buoys.  Lots of people who don’t regularly race come out for fun themes like Hawaiian shirt, pirate, or rubber ducky night.  Tonight was Hawaiian shirt night, and for each member of the crew who had a Hawaiian shirt on you get time deducted from your race score.  We had six people aboard Airborne, my regular race crew of Natalie and Josh, plus Tony and Tammara from S/V Bravado and their friend Courtney.  I gave Tony some sailboat magazines to read on deployment and then a book.  Next thing I know it he’s bought a bigger boat than Airborne and moved aboard! He’s a better photographer and editor than me.  Check out their blog and pictures at http://covertsandbravado.wordpress.com/.


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