Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

Friday and Saturday


Friday we pumped out and raced. The highlight of the race was being in first place for B fleet until we blew our lead by staying on a tack close hauled for too long and having to reach across a mark. Any other time we’d have had to tack extra times to get around the mark when we’re not in first place! We also completed our first underway replenishment. When we were rolling down the river at the start of the race Barret on S/V Cheers asked me if I wanted a beer when they passed us, of course I said yes! The summer log dodge races aren’t that serious so in good sport I eased the main sheet to let him catch up. He passed me a lukewarm Pabst Blue Ribbon and I handed him an ice cold Henry Weinhard’s IPA. Then I sheeted back in and took the lead. 😀

Josh working the main.

Gotta stay ahead of Cheers!

Thursdays and Saturdays there’s waterfront music.  We’ve taken our boat over to catch the shows and enjoy time with friends on Sorcerer and Cheers. Last Saturday we pulled up the crab pots, backed up next to Sorcerer and nested outboard. Shaun and Michele had plenty of folks over on Sorcerer and later Cheers showed up to join the party.

For people who aren’t local there are guest slips near Lombardi’s and the pump out dock, just no overnight stays.

The big haul always comes from my pot. For some reason the crabs just don't like Josh's fancy pot.


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