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Running new wiring for the anchor light


I ran new wiring through the mast with help from Josh. The job was pretty straightforward. First, Josh tied on a long bit of small stuff to the existing VHF antenna cable, then I pulled the VHF antenna cable out through the top of the mast. Next we attached the new wire to the VHF antenna using wire ties. Wire ties are set in a star pattern to keep the wiring from banging on the inside of the mast, reducing wear and tear and keeping the rig quiet.

Wire run through the inside of the mast, showing the zip ties

The wiring was then pulled back down through the mast and the appropriate electrical connections made using a crimp set.

The power provided to the mast comes on 4 pins, 12v return, 12v for spreader lights, 12v for the bow light, and 12v for the anchor light. Previously the 12v anchor light was not used.

Some people may be worried about there being some kind of inductance that can disrupt the VHF radio signal transmission or reception, but the current draw on the LED array will be very small so the effect on the radio will be negligible. Next step is finishing the mounting for the anchor light and installing the light and mounting at the top of the mast.

Outside the mast, showing the zip ties and foam fo keep the cable quiet

A long length of wire and cable

Where the wire exits the masthead


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