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Coolant loop Oberdorfer water pump rebuild pain in the butt


The Oberdorfer 202M Pump that dripped and leaked

It took an entire weekend, but I got the Oberdorfer 202M coolant water pump rebuild completed. The pump had been slowly leaking coolant out in to the bilge for a few months and I needed to refill the heat exchanger with coolant after about 5-6 hours of engine runtime to keep the engine from overheating.

The rebuild went well on Friday, until I went to remove the 2nd seal in the bottom of the pump. I was unable to get that sucker out with my limited tools: screwdriver and hammer. I said “Hi” to Charlie on Plover on the dock across from me and explained my plight. He directed me over to Jeremy a few boats down. He’s a really helpful guy, former U. S. Navy Hull Technician. He has a shop at his house and recently rebuilt the same pump for his Atomic 4. Excellent. I gave him my rebuild kit and water pump and he finished the rebuild for me for $20. Excellent. I reinstalled the pump on Sunday and it didn’t leak a drip!

Moyer Marine Oberdorfer 202M water pump rebuild parts


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