Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

Get me off this boat!


It’s been almost a month since our offer was accepted on Miles of View. Now that we know what we’re moving off of Airborne, she keeps feeling smaller and smaller.

When are we getting this new boat?

Good news though, we may not have to sell Airborne immediately because there’s someone with a slip open who would take her as a long term loan. He’ll pay the mooring, insurance and maintenance fees in exchange for use of the boat. This will give me extra time to spruce her up for sale. He’ll come look at the boat this weekend and we’ll talk about the partnership.

A few nights ago we put up the up and over Christmas lights. Now we’re looking festive from the outside. Today we’re going stocking shopping to decorate inside. It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it’s sunny and 70 outside so we’re doing our best.

Airborne, dressed up for Christmas.


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