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January’s Frostbite Race


At the start of the January frostbite race

Brian, Sherrie and I at the start of the 2012 Frostbite race in San Diego Bay. Photo courteousy of Mick.

Last Saturday I raced on Brian Yates’ boat, Hakuna Mata. Shameless plug: it’s currently for sale, and has a great engine and set of sails. Anyway, we sailed in Silvergate Yacht Club / San Diego Catalina Owner’s Association. The weather started out gray and drizzly, a reminder of good times sailing in Puget Sound. Later in the race it cleared up and we were just in t-shirts, then the weather cooled down at the end as we beat back up the bay. We hit all points of sail and ran wing and wing for a bit.

Get the shotgun, there are pirates in these waters! Yarrrrr.

Sherrie was at the helm for most of the race, a first for her. When we were running down past Naval Station North Island there was a funny looking boat off in the distance. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, it looked like a pirate ship! Yes, it was a pirate ship. No need to man battle stations and get out the shotgun, they must have been friendly and just motored down the bay ahead of us.

Hakuna Matata, running wing and wing down the bay


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