Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

We made it to see Astraea!


We flew in to see Astraea. She’s in about the condition we expected.

Sitting at the helm for the first time

Sitting at the helm for the first time

The first day Mom and Dad came down and we wrapped up the masts for shipping and removed all the rigging. We also checked out all the stuff in thestorage unit.
Today we made our first meal on the boat, pizza in the oven. It took a while to figure how the stove worked. There will be a definite learning curve for this new boat. The good news is, the prior owner offered to  help with recommissioning. This will help us get comfortable with all the systems.

Tasty pizza cooking

Tasty pizza cooking



  1. Nate and Natalie,love the blog!!!Glad we could play a small part in your great adventure!The Atlantic and Carribean are only a truckride away!Happy Sailing and Warm breeze’s to you and yours!Mark and the Crusty old Bugger

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