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Sullivan’s first bath


Sullivan’s umbilical cord fell off the Saturday after he was born, and his belly button had dried up, so it was time for his first bath. We didn’t have our baby bathtub out of the storage unit yet, so we went up to the boater’s lounge bathroom to wash him up. The sink didn’t have a plug so we put a plastic bag over the drain. That’s what the blue thing is in the sink. Hey, it worked!

Sullivan goes in

Sullivan goes in

Rub a dub dub

Rub a dub dub, not looking happy in the tub

Right after getting out of the bath Sullivan isn't a happy fellow

Right after getting out of the bath Sullivan isn’t a happy fellow

But a few moments in Natalie's arms stopped his tears

But a few moments in Natalie’s arms stopped his tears

Grammie Vicky patting Sullivan dry

Grammie Vicky cleaning up some soap bubbles

Happy he's a clean handsome boy

Happy he’s a clean handsome boy



  1. Grammie Vicky is glowing as she assists with the 1st bath! Looks like Natalie has adjusted to motherhood just fine! Sullivan is very content in his mommy’s arms!

  2. It’s obvious Natalie is a natural at being a great Mom. I’m sure Nate is also a great Dad.
    What a wonderful family.

  3. Thank you! It’s nice now that the umbilical cord has fallen off and now we have a clean, sweet smelling baby boy.

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