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Sully’s Seven Weeks Old


Last weekend we took Astraea out to LaPlaya anchorage on Friday night and anchored overnight. Saturday, we sailed out past Point Loma to the ocean. It felt great to finally ride the ocean swells. Sunday we went to Balboa Park for Best Start Birth Center’s baby reunion. Through the week Sullivan had a few photoshoots. Check it out.



  1. Beautiful baby! Starting life as a rag sailor.. it doesn’t get any better than that.

    I was the first proud owner of Astraea. She was delivered by Jack Barr Yacht Sales in San Rafael, California. I think it was 1982 or 1983. She was the second yacht that I named Astraea. The first one was a 28′ Pearson Triton sloop.

    I have a few .jpg photos of her I could send you if you want. Just let me have your email address.

    All the best….

    • Thanks! I’d love some pictures of Astraea from her new boat days. It would be great to hear anything you want to share about sailing her. I can add it to the history section of the Astraea page.

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