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Catalina Day 4


Today we took it easy on the east side of two Harbors. We went ashore and had some lunch with Eric and Jaime and walked out to see the West side of the island and our possible future anchorage.


We saw a buffalo, American Bison, along the way. The island has about 150 permanent resident buffalo


Catalina Harbor and the view west


Natalie and Sullivan and the view east from Catalina Harbor

We enjoyed snorkeling in little fisherman’s cove and then returned to Astraea for showers and dinner. Unfortunately it didn’t go well. Natalie flushed the toilet and we spurted bright yellow/green water over the side. Our holding tank was full! I tried ro relieve a bit of the pressure using the macerator, but it was broken now too!Shoot, that makes two. The third problem was the shower drain didn’ drain, so I unstopped it with my hand and then sucked the line out with our shopvac. We got cleaned up and then Natalie was making our marinated pork loin for tomorrow’s dinner when the seasoning for packet exploded all over the galley. It was an exciting evening. Jan and Chuck came over to visit and things settledndown.

Jan and Sully having fun together



  1. Thanx for the updates! Lots of new experiences …. and learning a lot! Hope you don’t have any more unexpected new experences!

    Glad you have some other friends on this adventure with you.

    Jan and Chuck can be the surrogate “Nanna” and “Pappy” for us!

  2. Still, by far, the cutest boy baby I’ve ever seen. SCRUMPTIOUS. Sorry to hear about the boat woes. Sounds like typical boat stuff. Sorry you’ll be working on your vacation!!

    Enjoy Two Harbors and have fun!

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