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Catalina Day 5: Two Harbors, Emerald Bay and Catalina Harbor


This morning we pulled both the main and stern anchors and headed up the coast for Emerald Bay.


Bye Bye Isthmus Cove, Two Harbors


Wind Watcher is on our tail

We motored for about a half hour and dropped the anchor in 40′ of clear water. I hopped in the dinghy for a lap around the bay to explore and saw Coconutz sailing past so I went out to say, “Hello!” They were taking a straight shot through to Catalina Harbor where we’d meet them in the evening. I met up with them while they were sitting luffing. They tossed me two Tecates and some snorkeling gear for Natalie to use. I spun circles around them until they caught a puff of wind and I was back off towards Astraea.


Emerald Bay

Jan watched Sullivan as we snorkeled the, moorings and nearby Indian Rock. The water was cold and pretty clear. We snorkled by fish and kelp until we were too cold and starting to cramp up. Thank goodness for wetsuits or it would only have been a 5 minute swim. We took freshwater showers in the cockpit and then sailed off the anchor. It felt good to know if we ever need to that we don’t need the engine to get underway. We raced against Wind Watcher, tacking back and forth to try and round the north part of Catalina and go around the west side of the island. The direct route around the island from Isthmus Cove to Catalina Harbor is 14 miles. We sailed at approximately 5 knots, but our speed made good around the island was more like 1 knot. I fired up the engine to get us in to the harbor before nightfall.


On a port tack


Rounding the north side of Catalina

We picked up a mooring for $ 42/night so we would be very well rested for the trip home. The bay was very well protected and the boat barely moved at all. Eric and Jaime came over for some ice cream they bought earlier in Two Harbors.


Two Harbors


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