Aboard Astraea

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First Coat of Primer



The first coat of Interlux Prekote is down

Today we cleaned the deck gwice with acetone and once with Inerlux 333 Brushing Liquid. The deck was nice and clean and ready to prime. We put Sully down for a nap and Natalie brushed around the edges and raised parts and I rolled the rest of the deck. I thinned the primer about 5% for the rolls but my measuring must not have been very precise, or my mixing wasn’t perfect because the first half of the primer on the starboard side of the boat is a thinner coatn than on the port side. Tomorrow we’ll sand and prime the decks again.

While we’re painting the boat we’re staying down the dock on our neighbor and good friend Bill’s boat. It’s awesome to stay in a marina with a lot of great neighbors.



  1. Looking good!!! Moving back “home” after the cockpit is completed?

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