Aboard Astraea

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Astraea Sails Again!


At the helm and sailing close hauled

At the helm and sailing close hauled

Sailing with JAYGAR

Sailing with JAYGAR

Sunday Natalie and I took Astraea out for a shakedown sail around the south bay. We anchored outside Sweetwater Channel and rafted up with our neighbor boat, JAYGAR. The winds were light, but with Natalie at the helm, Sully sleeping below and me trimming the sails we made a max speed of 6.5 knots over ground. It was great to be underway again.



  1. Happy Thanks giving guys.

  2. Hi Nate…John and I made it to La Paz, safe and sound. Great experience. John has flown home to Hawaii and I am getting some dental work done that will tie me up here until January. Then maybe mainland Mexico. Hope all is well…Martin

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