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Move to Chula Vista


We’ve finally moved to Chula Vista! We’ve been saying we’re going to move down to Chula Vista Marina since last summer and we’ve done it. Our storage lockers at Pier 32 are cleaned out, the dock box is empty. It’s amazing how much boat project stuff I’ve accumulated here over the past year and a half. Our neighbor Steve helped us run our car down to Chula Vista and shuttle me back to the boat to get underway. He said since we’re keeping our mail at Pier 32 and going to be living at different marinas for our next 10 months we should consider January first the first day we’ve been cruising.

Sully and I are cruisers now!

Sully and I are cruisers now! Here we are heading down Sweetwater Channel towards the Bay

Natalie and Sully are happy to be on the way

Natalie and Sully are happy to be on the way

We had a great stay at Pier 32. We met lots of awesome people, had lots of fun with our neighbors and hope to make more friends as we continue cruising.


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