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1000 Miles Under the Keel


Last weekend we took a cruise to the La Playa Anchorage in San Diego Bay with our friends Matt and Anna. After we anchored our friends Mike and Molly from S/V Sequoia rafted up with us. We’ve been trying to go on cruises once a month to help us prepare for full time cruising starting in November.

This cruise, our goal was to test out the new batteries that I installed a week ago and go sail in the ocean. We used our Monitor wind vane and Natalie used a Scopolamine patch and didn’t get seasick!

Mike and I on the starboard side

Mike and I on the starboard side

Prepare to tack!

Prepare to tack!

We made it 3 miles out past Point Loma and the chart plotter hit 1000 Nautical Miles. We hooted and hollered to celebrate 1000 miles under Astraea’s keel under our care, then tacked back towards La Playa Anchorage.

Sunday we said goodbye to Mike and Molly and headed back to Fiddlers Cove sailing slowly under the drifter, our giant light air headsail.

Sailing back to Fiddlers Cove

Sailing back to Fiddlers Cove


Hanging out on the bow with the family

Hanging out on the bow with the family

As we cruised down the bay we let the autopilot do the steering and we kept a good watch from up  on the foredeck. It was a great weekend cruise with great friends, great food and great sailing.



  1. Yay! 1000 miles, that’s good!

  2. No mention of our amazing menu prepared by your lovely first mate and mine? An omission of the importance of inventory and stowage of maritally significant jewellery. A flaunting of the effectiveness of the sea sick patch which was clearly not administered to everyone who needed it.

    I think we should kraft these posts while still on the hook over a cup of coffee to ensure full disclosure.

    • Yeah, a quickie blog post but yes the food was prepared excellently by Molly and Natalie. Hey, I made good coffee too, from your grounds because I forgot mine (a terrible mistake which shall never be duplicated). Oh yeah, and I did kinda forget my ring on your boat because I took it off before swimming so I wouldn’t lose it in the bay like I lost the swim ladder during our last cruise!

      Soooo, Matt puked at least 3 times, Molly was stoically gazing at the horizon in an effort not to ralph and Natalie almost lost it when she caught a glimpse of Matt “singing to the dolphins.”

  3. Great effort! Hope the next 1000 miles are just as fun.

  4. Congratulations! Great milestone 🙂

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