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A Bumpy Sail to Bahia Santa Maria


After one night anchored in Abreojos, we continued south towards Bahia Santa Maria on the morning of December 17th. We considered staying to take a tour of Laguna San Ignacio, a protected whale refuge that’s off limits to non officials vessels. During the whale season in winter, you can take a guided panga trip into the lagoon to observe the whales. But Christmas was soon approaching and we wanted to get somewhere to stay and relax for a while.

We dropped anchor in Bahia Santa Maria on December 18th at 4pm. We had a rough ride overnight in very bumpy seas. In the morning, I started to feel a little queasy. My scopalamine patch had been on for three nights, so it’s seasick fighting effectiveness was starting to wear off. I was in the bathroom digging around in the closet looking for dramamine when a big roller hit. Because I wasn’t holding on I flew backwards over six feet and slammed into the oven in the galley. I didn’t notice the damage until later (since I got so frustrated with the motion of the boat and jumped right into bed), but my collision with the stove cracked the wooden handle! I never checked, but I’m sure I had a nasty bruise on my back.

While digging around in the head closet looking for my dramamine after my injury and outburst, Nate noticed a slimy, sticky mess. A bottle of shampoo had tipped over and the lid loosened due to the motion of the boat and rattle of the engine. The liquid leaked through three levels of shelving. Once we were anchored, we spent our afternoon cleaning up that mess. Seems like there’s always something stupid that happens on passage.

The clean-up wasn’t what kept us from heading to shore though. It was another high surf beach, so we were stuck onboard for the evening. We thought Sully would get antsy being stuck on the boat, but he is such a little home body. He’s perfectly content watching movies and playing with his toys. And eating cereal 🙂


Sully's new favorite breakfast. "Milk cereal!" he says when he wakes up (and a few other times during the day)


Such a boy



Selfies on the foredeck


Nate's workout - hauling up the anchor


Leaving Bahia Santa Maria. To Cabo!


Cruise ship sighting. We soon found out where all these were coming from...Cabo!

Next stop, Cabo San Lucas!



  1. Thanx for the updates! So nice to be able to “see” you all! I see Sully still likes to play with all his trucks, cars, and tractors on the road/town rug …. Love that rug …. brought back memories of the town with the roadways/town that you made on paper for him to play with at our house this summer …. how fun!!

  2. You guys are awesome. Glad you did not hurt your self to bad Nate.
    Happy New Year. Safe travels threw the deep Blue Sea.

  3. Hi! I saw your post on FB, Women who sail and I really like the format of your website and blog. My husband and I are planning to sail longterm and leave Sweden soon and also plan to set up a website and blog about our journey. What webtool do you use? I will follow your journey and nice website 🙂 Lotta

    • Thanks! We use WordPress. There are lots of different themes to choose from. We chose Yoko. If you looked on a mobile device it’s something different that Nate set up. Good luck getting ready to go! Lots of work, but worth it!

  4. Glad to see u guys are doing so well and having the time of your life. Still miss u all.

    • Hi Karen!! We ran in to Mike n Mimi from Haul Pass today at Marina de La Paz. Small cruising world. Hope u are well and miss you too!

      • Sully looked great opening all of his presents. Nothing like having Christmas with a kid. Sorry u ran into mike lol .look for Kay n Isaac the dog that use to be on the kayak in our marina. They are there too. Always love reading your posts. Hugs. Karen

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