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Filling up with Fuel and Water in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle


Diesel: We have a main diesel tank that holds 50 gallons, an aft tank that holds 40.5 gallons and four five gallon jerry cans. In those four cans we can actually carry about 23.75 gallons of fuel. Our fueling plan is to rotate through the fuel using our oldest fuel first. Yesterday we ran out of fuel in the main tank while charging the batteries and running the refrigerator at anchor. We transferred 23 gallons from the aft tank to the main tank and added 23.75 gallons from the jerry cans to the main tank to top it off. Today at the fuel dock we put 40.5 gallons in the aft tank and 23.75 gallons in the jerry cans.

We have two outboards and two outboard fuel cans, one is three gallons and the other is six gallons. Our Honda generator holds about a gallon of fuel and we have two five gallon jerry cans that hold about 11.75 gallons of fuel total.

For water tanks there are 23 gallon tanks under each salon settee and a 40 gallon water tank under the aft lower quarter berth. Our water heater holds 6 gallons, giving us a total of 92 gallons of fresh water. We also have a Village Marine Tec SeaQuencher 200 water maker that produces about 7 gallons of fresh water per hour when it is running. Were not using it right now because the water around La Cruz is pretty dirty from rain and a recent red tide.

After filling up with fuel we moved over to Dock 1 at the marina and filled up our water tanks, jerry cans and solar shower with water and gave the boat a quick rinse. Note: Some people say the water at La Cruz is not fully potable, so well use it for washing dishes and taking showers.


All fueled up and back in the anchorage

Diesel: On March 21, 2015 we took on 64.27 gallons (243.31 liters) of diesel at a cost of $4,056.12 Mexican pesos. This includes a $601.16 Mexican pesos Servicio de Atraque or docking service fee. The listed price for a gallon of Diesel was 53.75 pesos, the true total cost per gallon of diesel was $63.11 pesos, or at todays credit card (including 1% international transaction fee) it ended up being $15.03 pesos to $1 USD or $4.20 USD a gallon.
Gasoline: The gasoline docking service fee was $170.15 pesos a gallon listed at $51.37 pesos and the full realized cost was $60.2 pesos or $4.02 USD a gallon.
Water: For 92 gallons of water we paid $15 pesos, a buck US.


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  1. Wow!!! that’s a lot of calculations!! I’ll let the money conversion to you!!

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