Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

The joys of crabbing


It’s hard to beat getting off work and heading down to the dock to get aboard your boat Our first crab catch in the cooler to take home.with your wife, buddy, dog and a can of can food. Fire up the motor, cast off all lines and then head out for a 15 minute motor past the warships tied snugly to their berths looking at the sailors standing watch in their dress white uniforms. We always wave and raise our beers to my shipmates on USS Momsen while heading out to drop the crab pot. In goes the cat food, the pot is dropped over the side and off we go for an evening sail. The wind is just right to take us south of Everett towards the tip of Whidbey Island across from Mukilteo. Then we tack North towards the east side of Hat Island and then back East to try and locate our pot among all the red and white bobbers. Our reward for an evening like this is one big tasty crab.


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