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Day 8: Sidney to Victoria


Another morning underway, wind coming from the South, just the way we want to go.  I’m cruising, trying to visit a whole bunch of awesome places before we leave the PACNORWEST.  I don’t want to waste my time tacking endlessly back and forth in order to gain super sailor bragging rights.  If the wind is going to help me get there, the sails go up. If it’s going to detract from my

Sidney to Victoria. Top of the chart to the bottom.

enjoyment seeing new places then I’ll motor. We headed south through Sidney Channel in to the west side of Haro Strait and then turned right towards Baynes Channel. There the sails went up to make use of the wind from the south.

Heading in to Victoria Harbor we learned from our cruising guide that there is no sailing in Victoria Harbor and I understand why.  Seaplanes take off and land there, big ferries come in and out, filling the channel. There’s a lot going on. We maneuvered our way around seaplanes and a massive ferry to get to the city docks in front

Perfect lunch

of the Empress Hotel. It was a pretty sweet spot to be in and there were only three other boats there! The perks of cruising before high season starts.

First order of business: Beer. Second order of business: poutine.  What is poutine? Only the tastiest snack in the world.  French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Yum.

Being a cruiser is hard, so we took a nap on the boat and woke up late, almost midnight late. We had some dinner and went to bed. Enjoy the pictures.


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