Aboard Astraea

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Day 9: Victoria to Oak Bay



Inside the harbor all was nice and calm.

The most exciting part about day 9 of our cruise was leaving Victoria Harbor and turning left out in to the straits of Juan de Fuca.  The seas were coming at us from the south, and at the mouth of the harbor they were 4-5 foot waves! I thought back to when we first got the boat in 2009 and how going out in this type of water would have been unimaginable, but we handled it with ease. It was pretty tiring so we pulled in to Oak Bay for the night. Hey, I’m on vacation! I don’t want to get stressed out about wind and waves. I was surprised that the marina cost the same amount as if we’d stayed in Victoria and there wasn’t a reciprocal dock available to us.


We headed out to catch up on some Wi-Fi and do a little emailing and blogging at the local Starbucks.


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