Aboard Astraea

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Fixed 2 things today!


Today I fixed 2 problems on the boat. I disassembled the power converter. It changes 115VAC household power to 12VDC boat power. The power switch was broken and only turned on if you pushed up and to the left and wiggled it around. Then it would work.

This morning after a late breakfast I disassembled the unit and pulled out the switch and the indicator lamp. Natalie and I took a trip up to Fry’s Electronics in San Diego. It was like walking in to nerd nirvana. I went straight for the aisle with electronic repair parts and found a single pole double throw switch to replace the broken one with but had problems finding a new 120VAC lamp. After going to the aisle with the LED’s I saw a pilot light that was just the right part for the job.

The replaced bulb is red and in the middle poking through the case.

It was tight soldering to replace the lamp and switch

I had to unwire the power converter from the boat's main circuit breaker

Now the light works and and the switch is good!


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