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We’re getting a new boat!


Yup, a new boat! A Cheoy Lee Offshore 41. Our surveys have been going well. All that’s left now is to get a mechanical survey and a sea trial. Then we’ll renegotiate the price and have the bank cut the current owner a check!  Woohoo. This will be a great Christmas present.

I also added a countdown to when we go cruising on the right side of the webpage so you can see how much longer we’ll be hanging around San Diego.



  1. Beautiful boat. Are you planning to rechristen her or will her name stand?

  2. The plan is to rename her once she’s ours. The new name is a secret, actually we haven’t decided on it yet.

  3. What are your plans for Airborne? Let Nate know that we are in the market for a boat but he needs to sail it to the Chesapeake. It may seem like a lot of work but at least that way he could visit her in the future!

  4. The plan is to sell her in San Diego. The next time we sail in the Chesapeake will be on our new boat. BTW, who are you, JH?

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