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Maternity Pictures


This photo post is brought to you by Grand View Photography. Our friend, Eric Taylor, is a photographer . Last week we went to Balboa Park and Mission Beach to take some maternity pictures. When we were at the beach there were two other couples getting pictures taken that day, even though it was overcast! Below are our favorites from the day’s photo shoot. If you like the pictures Eric took, here’s a link to his site: Grand View Photography or like his work on Facebook.



  1. Love your photos. Such nice colors and happy faces!

  2. Beautiful pics! Love ’em. Thanx Eric!

  3. Aww… so stinking cute. You guys look so happy. we really miss you up here. Hopefully we will see you down there in our boat someday.

  4. What great pictures. You two are going to be wonderful parents. So much love. I’m so very happy for you.

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