Aboard Astraea

Invest in experiences, not things

We’ve moved aboard!


Finally Natalie and I are living aboard Astraea! We spent the first night aboard May 1. I slept on the top bunk of the V berth and Natalie had the bottom bunk. It feels good to finally be aboard our cruising boat and getting some projects wrapped up. I’ll just try to bring everyone up to speed with pictures of what’s been going on around the boat without going in to too much boring detail.

We spent a lot of time transferring things from Airborne to Astraea, putting things away and preparing for the baby’s arrival. We did take brakes to have dinner with Eric and Jaime and went out to breakfast with Rebel Heart and they gave us their old baby chair that can connect to our boat table. It’s good to know that even though our immediate family is far away that we have plenty of folks close by to help us out if we need it here in San Diego. Natalie has been going up and meeting with the Pier 32 “Liveaboard Ladies” on Wednesdays and it looks like Junior will have some surrogate Grandma’s when he needs to be spoiled.

We went to Balboa Park and to the beach last week with Eric and Jaime to take some pregnancy pictures. We got some sneak peaks off Eric’s digital camera and I’m sure the results of our photoshoot will be great! In our next post we’ll have some pictures of the boat now that we’re living aboard.


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  1. Can’t wait to see you all when we visit after the baby arrives! How wonderful to have a supportive “adopted family” since you are so far away 🙁 But I know they will love Nate, Natalie & “Jr” in our absence!

    Can’t wait to see the pics from the photo-shoot! I need some good pics to hang on our “wall”!!!

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